🍒Why Berry Coot?

I first thought about making clothing for others when my daughter was born.

I couldn't find clothing I liked that was Australian made. I found designed in Australia, Australian owned businesses that had their clothes made overseas, I also found handmade usually meant that the seller was not the maker but the purchaser. I wanted to buy Australian handmade and I wanted to buy them from the maker. The more I looked for it the less happy I was with the loosely defined term ' handmade'. I also found a lot of handmade in Australia that was made using materials purchased from elsewhere.

I sought locally sourced fabrics, mostly because as a sewer, I knew the quality of our smaller fabric stores was hard to beat.

The sellers were saying you cant run a clothing business using locally sourced products as it wasnt cost effective . Well we all know what happens when people say you can't do something right? I became driven to prove them wrong😝

I really love the small shop philosophy and want to be the exception. I want to stand in my store saying yes I buy my supplies local!

I started

Berry Coot🍒

The name is a family term for 'very cute'. One of the kids in my family had a small, impermanent, speech impediment and used to sound like they were saying ' Berry Coot' and it stuck. We all say it when referring to children or animals etc.

I sew my clothes with love, I hone my skills and increase my expertise because I love seeing children wearing them and I want my brand to be valuable.

I have been in business for four years and small shopping has more and more become a huge part of my life. A very rewarding, hugely pleasant, part of my life. 

Shop small with my Berry Coot brand and be assured that every stich is done by my hand, with the love, care, and enthusiasm of someone whose craft is their passion. I love to chat with my customers about their pieces and can be contacted by either, email at (benita.mortimer1@bigpond.com)

Or on facebook/instagram (@Berry Coot creations.)